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High Density Urethane

A New Zealand Sign Foam Product

Green Foam is a High Density Urethane product meant for usage in the sign, modelling, prototyping and prop making industries.
Used extensively abroad, "sign foam" High Density Urethane is a closed-cell urethane foam with properties similar to MDF particle board,

but with some serious advantages.

Machinability -
Never break another bit. Due to the nature of the closed cell foam, Green Foam machines with ease. A sign maker can run a cnc machine essentially at the highest feeds possible and still maintain a pristine finishing quality. Unlike MDF and other wood materials there is no swarf, and no edge lifting which requires additional sanding and cleanup before painting. Machine it, and done!
No Glue and no grit in the foam means router bits will last up to 10x longer than as with machining wood products.

Weather Proof -
Again, due to the closed cell nature of high density urethane, the foam does not absorb moisture. In outdoor use, the foam will not shrink/expand in cold and hot cycles. Wood signs suffer a great deal from this hot/cold cycle, especially in coastal environments, and will warp and/or shed any paint work within a very short period of time. When properly prepped and painted, you can expect a Green Foam sign to last almost indefinately.

Light Weight -
Green Foam high density urethane weighs less than half the equilivant size of wood and other comparable materials.

Environmental Sustainability -
Green Foam is not just green in colour, it's also green for the environment. Produced in New Zealand, our foam is not shipped half way around the world. You can feel confident that no trees were harmed in the making of Green Foam. Green Foam is a "water blown" foam, meaning that when the chemicals are mixed, water is a by-product which inflates the bubbles of urethane. No CFC off-gasses are released into the atmosphere. Because of it's longevity, a Green Foam sign will outlast multiple similarly constructed wood signs that have been binned after a year of weathering.

Green Foam is 100% made in New Zealand, using chemicals produced here.

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Phone: 021 030 5356